About Our Company

Mondo Lifestyle's Canadian heritage, pride and success is strongly established within Europe and South America. We are extremely delighted to launch and integrate over twenty years of premium product offerings for our new valued customers right here in North America.

Mondo Lifestyle truly understands the concept of impeccable quality and value; we have re-engineered the diaper to provide your family with the best possible fit, comfort and absorption with only premium based materials that deliver exceptional pricing!

Mondo Lifestyle's Baby Sec wipes provide a natural cloth like feel, being hypoallergenic and containing only mineral water, chamomile and Aloe Vera. Absolutely no alcohol.

Our Focus

We take considerable steps to ensure that all of our diaper products are produced with sustainable harvested pulp; consisting of a high percentage of plant based materials, namely natural cotton. We integrate the goodness of "Aloe Vera" and Vitamin "E" that are proven to provide a natural light fragrance but more importantly, a distinct barrier against possible baby rash and or bacteria. Our products will never contain glues, artificial lotions or harmful latex and our diapers are also 99.5% recyclable.


As your family grows, we would like the opportunity to grow alongside providing you, our best diapers regardless of size for the same one low price. No other brand offers as much inherent quality or our incredible pricing, that's our proven difference!